General RWC Guidelines
  1. Children using the facility age 7 and under must be directly supervised by a responsible caretaker age 14 and older. When direct supervision is required for a child, supervision is defined as that person being an arms length away from the child and/or being in direct line of site of the child.  The child supervisor will not be allowed to leave the child in one area while he/she uses a different area.  The supervisor must accompany the child at all times.  These rules will be strictly followed and are for safety reasons to protect the child and other members.
  2. Street shoes worn into to the RWC should be clean and dry to prevent potential damage to the facility and for safety reasons. 
  3. The RWC is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged personal property.  Lost and found items will be held at the front desk for no longer then two weeks.  After that the lost items will be disposed of or given to Goodwill.
  4. Members and guests are responsible for securing their valuables at all times. The RWC encourages members and guests NOT to bring large sums of money, valuable jewelry, or other items of significant value to the RWC. 
  5. Any foul language, inappropriate and disruptive behavior may result in being asked to leave the facility immediately.
  6. Illegal drugs, alcohol, gambling and weapons are not allowed in the RWC facility. The RWC is a tobacco (including chewing tobacco) free facility – use of tobacco within the building is NOT permitted.
  7. Cell phone use in the facility is limited to the front lobby area.
  8. All members and guests must check in at the front desk when entering the facility.
  9. Group events or gatherings must be scheduled with the RWC Director or his/her designee.
  10. Animals are not to be brought into the facility, unless for handicap purposes and only with prior approval.
  11. Consumption of food and/or beverages will be confined to the concession area. 
  12. No outside food is allowed into the RWC without prior permission from RWC staff. 
  13. In-line skates, non-motorized scooters, and skateboards are not allowed in the facility nor are they to be used for recreational reasons on RWC property.  When used for transportation, they must be removed prior to entrance and left outside the building.
  14.  For safety reasons, running in the building is only allowed in the gym and on the track.
  15. Classes and programs pre-empt general use.  Patrons will be informed in a timely manner of classes, programs, special events etc. that will limit use of the facility. 
  16. Bicycles must be left in the bike rack.  Parking of bicycles directly in front of the building is not permitted.
  17. No food or beverages are allowed in the carpeted lounge area.  Television channel selection and volume will be controlled by RWC staff. 
  18. Members are issued membership cards when they become members. Members should use their cards for admittance into the RWC. If a member looses their card they can purchase a new one for $2.00. Members who fail to bring their membership cards add to the cost of operations of the facility by requiring staff members to manually enter their information into the computer. Those members not bringing their cards may experience a delay in being admitted into the facility while a staff member can enter their information. This is necessary to protect the facility from false use of someone else’s card and to alert staff of expired memberships/outstanding obligations and/or behavioral holds.
  19. A first aid station is located at the front desk or in the aquatics coordinator’s office.

Violations of RWC policies may result in immediate removal from the facility.  Offenders will be subject to suspension of privileges.  No reimbursement fees will be granted.  Any concerns should be brought to RWC staff. 

Gym Area Guidelines
  1. Appropriate non-marking athletic shoes are required to participate in activities in the gyms. Street shoes, boots, sandals, flip flops are not permitted.
  2. To reduce potential damage to the facility, and for safety reasons, shoes must be dry and clean of all dirt and grit. During periods of wet and snowy weather, separate gym shoes are required.
  3. Gym areas must be shared with all members. Please limit your activity to minimum space during times of high usage and/or limited space, as a courteously to other members.
  4. Absolutely no dunking or hanging on the rims.
  5. No hanging on volleyball nets.
  6. No kicking basketballs or volleyballs or sitting on them.
  7. No throwing of balls against the walls or curtains or long throws at baskets for the safety of other participants and reducing the possibility of damage to the facility.
  8. Any damage caused by horseplay or from violations of these guidelines will result in disciplinary action and reimbursement for any repair costs.
  9. No footballs are allowed in the gyms with out the permission of staff person in charge.
  10. Classes, programs, and special events have priority over general play. Gym availability signs are posted weekly listing activities that have priority over open gym.
  11. Staff will assist in lowering the baskets for younger players.
  12. Proper gym attire is required (shirts, shorts, sweats, athletic shoes)– participants are required to wear shirts.
  13. Open wounds/bleeding must be controlled and covered in order to participate. Clothing soiled with blood or other body fluids must be changed. Please alert the staff member in charge of the situation so appropriate bandaging and clean-up precautions can be taken.
  14. In order to reduce operating costs, only a minimum number of lights will be on. During high usage times additional lights will be turned on by RWC staff. Only RWC staff members are allowed to adjust the lights.
  15. Iowa Army National Guard property outside of the gym is off limits to RWC members. This includes hallways, classrooms, kitchen, water fountain, and bathrooms.
  16. Balls can be checked out with your membership card at the front desk. Balls are to be returned if they are not being used. No basketballs in the locker rooms or vending areas. Do not leave balls lay in the gym.
Play Block Area in RWC Gym
  1. The play block area is limited to children 7 years of age and younger with supervision by a responsible person age 14 or older.
  2. Absolutely NO shoes are allowed on the tumbling mats.
  3. Regular basketballs and volleyballs are NOT allowed in the play block area. Balls will be provided by the RWC for use in this area when needed.
  4. During times of high usage and when the IANG gym is not available the play block area may not be available.
Pool Area Guidelines
  1. When using the pool area, all children age 7 and younger, and all non-swimmers, must be accompanied in the water by a responsible person age 14 or older.
  2. Swimmers must be attired in a swimsuit which must include linings and have adequate coverage. No t-shirts allowed unless approved by the Aquatics Coordinator.
  3. Children not toilet trained are required to wear swim diapers in the pool. They may be purchased at the front desk.
  4. Patrons must take a soap shower before entering the pool.
  5. Any person with an infectious or contagious disease is prohibited from using the pool.
  6. Glass of any kind, food, gum, and band-aids are not allowed in the pool area.
  7. No running, pushing, dunking, or rough play allowed.
  8. No diving except in the 12 foot area (deep water indicated by lifeline rope).
  9. Children will not be allowed to jump off the diving board to a parent or other supervising adult present.
  10. No swimming aids/flotation devices/toys are allowed in the deep end except for those issued by RWC staff for a particular purpose. Flotation devices may be used with the lifeguard’s discretion and supervision.
  11. Classes and programs pre-empt open swim.
  12. Rest periods are held for 7 minutes before the top of the hour. Everyone, unless specified by the Aquatics Coordinator, will clear the pool.
  13. Swimmers must be dry before leaving the locker room and/or pool area.
  14. Swimmers must pass the deep water test before being allowed in the 12 foot area, diving board and drop slide. The test consists of successfully performing the front crawl over and backs the width of the pool and treading water for one minute.
  15. No snorkels or masks are allowed at any time. Eye only goggles are permitted and are available for purchase at the front desk.
  16. No climbing on the rainbow, rain forest, and cannon in the splash pool.
  17. No jumping from the deck to dunk on the basketball hoop.
Waterslide Guidelines
  1. Patrons must pass a waterslide test before they are allowed to go down the slide or they are four feet tall. The test consists of successfully performing the front crawl the width of the pool and treading water for 30 seconds.
  2. Standing in the slide-emptying area to catch people/kids who go down the slide is not permitted.
  3. Trains (with 2 or more people together) are not permitted on the slide. Parents may not ride with children on the slide.
  4. Slide users must lay on their back (not sit, kneel or stand) on the slide and ride feet first throughout the duration of each slide run. Stopping on the slide is not permitted.
  5. Hands must be kept inside the slide at all times.
  6. Keys, eye glasses, swim goggles, jewelry, watches, and swim apparel with any metal objects on them are not allowed on the slide.
  7. The slide manufacturer states that there are possible health risks for pregnant women and individuals with physical impairments or health conditions.
Diving Board Guidelines
  1. Every person using the diving board must have passed the deep water test (see #14 above).
  2. Rough play and hanging from the board are not permitted.
  3. Only one diver on the board at a time.
  4. Only one bounce per dive.
  5. Wait until the diving area is cleared before diving into the water.
  6. Jump or dive straight off the end of the board only.
  7. Use closest ladder to exit pool.
  8. Do not swim underneath the diving board.

Lifeguards are trained to respond to aquatic emergencies. Their job is to assist in making our facility a safe place to bring the family; however they are not babysitters. Parents are expected to watch their children and to assist in enforcing the policies for the safety and enjoyment of all patrons.

Locker Room Guidelines
  1. Locker rooms are provided for guests and members to prepare themselves before and after swimming and working out. They are not a place for socializing and goofing around. No towel snapping, running, misuse of soap or paper products or other types of horseplay will be tolerated. Respectful behaviors and manners are required at all times.
  2. No cell phones or camera use permitted in the locker rooms.
  3. Soap is provided in the showers and a soap shower is required for all members before they enter the pool.
  4. Out of respect for other users, please limit shower time. Showers should be turned off completely before you exit the shower stall.
  5. Members and guests should not use the showers during rest periods or other times if they have already been in the pool and want to continue using the pool. Showers are not to be used to “warm up” while swimming.
  6. Users must supply their own bath towels and other personal items.
  7. Please dry off before exiting locker room area. No wet bathing suits are allowed outside of the pool/locker rooms. This is to prevent dripping that might lead to slippery hallways.
  8. Food and beverages, with the exception of water and sports drinks in spill-proof containers, are not allowed in the locker rooms.
  9. Children 7 years of age and younger must be directly supervised.
  10. Family locker room use is reserved for family members of mixed gender who are visiting the facility together. It allows for adults to assist small children. Do not take the opposite gender into the men’s or women’s locker rooms – please use the family locker room.
  11. Lockers are available for rent on a yearly basis (inquire at the front desk). Rented lockers are issued a special, identifiable lock with a key.
  12. Non-rented lockers may be used and secured with a personal padlock. There is no fee for the temporary use of a locker and locker use is on a first come, first serve basis. Padlocks brought in must be removed daily and lockers cleaned out. Any personally owned locks left on lockers at the end of the operating day will be cut off and any items remaining in the locker will be put in the Lost and Found.
  13. It is recommended all members and guests not leave valuables, such as money, wallets, watches, jewelry, etc., unattended in their lockers. The RWC or its staff is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.
  14. RWC staff does their best to monitor paper products and soap supplies in the locker rooms. If you notice a need for any of these items in the locker rooms, please notify a the front desk.
  15. Please use the locker room waste receptacles for all disposable items. Please pick up after yourself in order to keep the facility clean and neat.
  16. All thefts, vandalism or unusual situations should be reported to the RWC front desk.
Fitness Area Guidelines
  1. Members and guests need to review the posted “Fitness Area Etiquette” information located in the upstairs Cardio Area before using the area.
  2. Exercise/lift at your own risk. A physician’s clearance for exercising is strongly recommended. Please feel free to ask questions on how to properly operate equipment. We want you to feel comfortable using the facility and equipment.
  3. Orientations are offered to our members free of charge by the Fitness Coordinator.
  4. When participating in fitness classes, you will be subject to a class fee. Member and non-members fees are different, and fees are subject to change. Fees will correlate with the type of class, equipment used, and class frequency.
  5. Classes have priority over general use. Members and guests should check schedules, inquire at the front desk, or check posted information in the Cardio Area to avoid conflicts.
  6. In order to accommodate our members exercise needs and for the safety of everyone, there are AGE restrictions for the upstairs area.
    • Children ages 12 to 17 can only be upstairs for specific health/fitness activities. Absolutely no horseplay or misuse of the equipment will be tolerated.
    • Children ages 12 to 17 must successfully complete an orientation before being allowed upstairs.
    • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed upstairs - except for infants that are confined to a car seat or stroller (exceptions may be granted the RWC director or their designee).
    • Children ages 12 & 13 must be under direct supervision of an adult at all times while upstairs. (Defined as one arm length away and/or in line of sight with one adult per one child) Supervision of the child and safety of the child/other exercises must be a priority at all times.
    • A maximum of three children between the age of 12 and 15 may be upstairs at any one time. To gain permission to use the upstairs, children must sign in at the front desk and they will receive an authorization badge to wear while upstairs. A time limit of 30 minutes will be enforced. They must return the authorization and sign out after usage.
    • Those age 16 and 17 will be given a special colored membership card once an orientation has been completed. When upstairs, the membership card must be visible to show they are authorized to use the area/equipment.
    • Non-members (youth day pass) age 17 and younger will not be allowed the use of the upstairs areas unless they will be using the facility on regular bases. An orientation must be scheduled with the Fitness Coordinator before using the upstairs, if they will be a regular user.
    • Disciplinary actions will be taken against those not following the guidelines.
  7. Exceptions to the above guidelines can only be approved by the RWC Director or his/her designee.
  8. Non-members under the age of 18 are not allowed upstairs.
  9. Persons using the cardio and strength equipment must wipe off/clean the equipment after each use. Spray the solution on the designated towel, NOT DIRECTLY ON THE EQUIPMENT, and wipe down.
  10. Proper attire including shirts and athletic shoes is required. Shoes must be clean and free of debris.
  11. Sweat towels are provided for your convenience. One towel per visit and they are to be deposited into the laundry baskets before leaving the upstairs area.
  12. Headphones are required for all personal music devices.
  13. In order to utilize the television Cardio Theatre broadcast system, you must bring your own headphones.
  14. For your safety and for correct operation of the equipment, please observe instruction cards located on the equipment.
  15. Use caution around weight machines and dumbbells.
  16. Do not drop or mishandle dumbbells.
  17. Dumbbells must be returned to racks and not left on the floor. Do not put the dumbbells on the benches.
  18. Report equipment problems to RWC staff immediately.
  19. Some equipment may require a sign-up. Use of cardio equipment is limited to 30 consecutive minutes. You may sign-up for an additional 30 minutes or use the equipment longer if no one is waiting.
  20. Food and drinks are not permitted in the fitness areas, with the exception of water/hydration drinks in spill proof containers.
  21. For the safety of members and guests, please leave all extra items downstairs.
Aerobic Room Guidelines
  1. Dry and clean (free of dirt and small rock pebbles) athletic shoes are required in order to protect the floor.
  2. RWC programs and fitness classes preempt general use of the aerobics room.
  3. When programs and fitness classes are in session please do not disrupt by entering the room.
  4. An aerobics room usage schedule is posted outside the aerobics room door.
  5. When class is not in session members are welcome to use the equipment stored in the room and use the space.
  6. Equipment can be taken out of the aerobics room for use in the dumbbell area. When finished return the equipment to its proper place.
  7. When done using the equipment please clean using the disinfectant located on the stereo cabinet, and store equipment properly. Turn off lights if you are the last to leave the room.
  8. No misuse of equipment or the facility will be tolerated.
  9. Use of the aerobics room stereo is limited to RWC programs or fitness classes. Personal stereos (boom boxes) are not allowed for use in the aerobics room or facility without permission. MP3‘s, IPODS, Walkman, Discman, etc.. are allowed with the use of head phones.
  10. The LeMond group cycling bikes are for instructor lead classes only.
  11. Please report any damaged equipment to the front desk.
Walking / Jogging Track Guidelines
  1. The three lane track will be utilized by walkers and runners/joggers. Walkers are to stay on the inside lanes while runners/joggers are to run/jog in the outside lane.
  2. Walking groups can only be two abreast which should take about 1 ½ lanes. This allows for other walkers to pass in the middle lane and runners to use the outside lane safely.
  3. Solo walkers are to walk on the inside lane and pass as needed.
  4. Strollers are allowed on the track as long as they stay on the inside lane and do not pose a safety concern/inconvenience for our walkers/joggers/runners.
  5. Children age 13 and younger are not allowed on the track without direct supervision from an adult. (see upstairs policy #6)
  6. Absolutely no horseplay on the track.
  7. No stopping on the track to observe the pool or gym areas.
  8. Please do not spit on track.
  9. Track approximate mileage is: Outside lane – 9 laps per mile, Middle lane – 9 ½ laps per mile and Inside lane – 10 laps per mile. When the IANG portion of the track is closed, then approximately 13 laps per mile.
  10. Arrow on the clock determines the direction. It is changed everyday. The continuous running clock is for walkers/joggers/runners convenience to monitor the time of your workout.